Please Don’t Burn My Flag!

I have been actively following the student protests in Venezuela since it began on February 12th. I was possibly one of the few people who began posting about it since that day and now there is an avalanche of posts on social media, which I am thankful for. But I am now seeing news of something that is happening in Venezuela that is bothering me some. They are burning the Cuban flag. I am a Cuban American. Yes I was very proudly born in the United States, I am actually the first born of my family here, but just like many of my friends our heart belongs to Cuba so we always proudly say we are Cuban American for the love that we equally have for two countries.

I also love Venezuela. I have many ties to that country and many people that I love and call family live there which is why I am actively doing everything that I can for them. But this burning of one of my flags really bothers me. And what bothers me the most about this is is seeing how the lines are being blurred.

The fight is not against Cubans, but against a tyranical dictatorship regime that is trying to deprive yet another country of its basic freedoms. The fight my Venezuelan brothers and sisters is not against the Cubans but against the Castro brothers who have unfortunately infiltrated your government and brought the vision of El Che which was to bring communism to all of Latin America.
This is exactly what this virus called communism does to people, it pushes them to turn against each other. Do not fall for this! Do not allow them to blind you and turn you against a people that know exactly what you are fighting against because it has been our fight for 55 years now. So please don’t burn our flag. Instead allow us to be brothers and sisters in this fight and let us shout Freedom for both Venezuela and Cuba!
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The Day the Children became Freedom Fighters.

Today my heart is very far away in a different land. My heart is with my people in Venezuela. For those of you that aren’t aware of what is happening in a country that is practically in our own backyard I will give you a quick lesson. Basically Communism and Dictatorship is taking over a once flourishing Democracy. It started with the late Hugo Chavez and has grown into a nightmare with the not-completely recognized but President Nicolas Maduro.
Today, actually right at this moment there is a mass peaceful protest happening that was organized by the Students. They want their country back and a lot of them will be beaten and some will even lose their lives because of this protest. Today they become freedom fighters. So my heart is with them. So are my prayers and so is my warrior spirit. So if you don’t know what’s going on in your own backyard please find out.

To help I am adding a video that will show you.  Please press on the word Post to see the video.

All good things always,

ELA’wa’ diyi Sadayi’ /Evelyn



“Mom I went to fight for Venezuela, if I don’t come back I went with her”


Freedom, The Carters and Free Will

It’s 3:15 am and I am still awake. I have this thought going round and round my head which was started by a post I began in Facebook earlier. I keep thinking what really is freedom? Now to give you the background story to this, yesterday I read and posted an article about Jay-Z and Beyonce spending their 5th wedding anniversary in Cuba. I am a Cuban-American, and I still have some family there and I will say it like I said it earlier, it doesn’t bother me that they went to Cuba, what bothers me is their way of being there. You cannot call yourself a humanitarian then go to a country whose government violates the most basic of human rights and act like a tourist as if you are in total ignorance over all of it. Of course this started a whole sleuth of comments and one in particular has kept me thinking. Of course everyone knows about the whole embargo on Cuba and this particular friend said that maybe if the embargo was lifted and we bombard the island with Americans and technology that that would be the end of the regime- or would it? Now I am not turning this into a political rhetoric, I am as far of being a political person as there can be. But I am always interested in howo or what can be done to further humans transformation and growth. So in thinking on this question I realized the fallacy in it. Honestly the only embargo that exists is on paper. People are constantly traveling to Cuba not only from the US but from Canada, Europe and Asia. So how isolated can we say the island is? Technology has arrived there since I know personally from my family that they have internet, heck thats how we communicate with them. So what other excuse can we give? Where is the embargo really?

So this has made me think about everything I have been reading and learning lately. The works of Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, etc. They all say pretty the much the same thing. The basis of all their teachings is that we as an intelligent human being seeking transformation must realize that everything is choice. And in choosing we must realize that to continue living a life where we blame everything and everyone for our problems and not take responsibility for the life we choose to live will get us no where. Life is choice. Plain, simple and to the point. How we live it is our own choice. That is the one true thing God/Universe/Creator gave us- Free Will. So how much control can an external oppressor really have on us if we are aware of this one truth? How much can we continue blaming “them” for our own choices? I believe this is what the great men and women such as Ghandi, Mandela, Rosa Parks, Dr. King realized. They stopped blaming, took cause and stopped being in opposition. Instead they chose to live their lives how they dreamed it could be. So I ask myself can’t a nation do the same? Can’t my people choose to free themselves?

Now I am no expert nor am I trying to assume to be one. I know people that are far more intelligent and learned in all of these matters. I only try to see and live life from a humanitarian and compassionate space. But I do ask myself these things. What can I do to help others realize that life is choice and anything and everything is possible. Maybe its not so much to be free from the external oppressors but to finally be free from the one true oppressor-ourselves. I wonder.

Mirrors of My Soul..

Blame it on the holidays or maybe even on the Mayan Calendar ending, but I’ve been back in self inquiry mode lately. My last couple of weeks of 2012 have not been short of a wide range of emotions. I have run the whole gamut from love to hatred, sadness to happiness, exhaustion to pure exhilaration, yes I have gone through them all. Today I made a very interesting observation which is what prompted me to write again.
As I patiently sat at the bank waiting to be seen, I contemplated upon all my beloveds that are closest to me. I asked myself why these people? Why at this point in my life? What do they bring to my life? And I realized we are all mirrors to one another. Of course this isn’t a new lesson for me, I have realized we are mirrors for one another, but I had never taken the time to truly look at those that are nearest to me. I was amazed at the lesson and gift each one brings to my life. And yes I had to really look at myself and be aware of those things I didn’t want to see before and why certain people keep coming back into my life. So now what you may ask? Well here is the lesson behind all of this. Transformation comes when we are not only ready to see but we actually allow the awareness of that that needs to be transformed. But of course awareness is only the first step, next comes the tougher one- change it. That means getting out of my comfort zone and once again shedding another layer of self and allowing growth to come in.
Look I have been hearing all this chatter lately about transformation, ascending, age of Aquarius, etc, etc blah blah blah. Bottom line is this- if you don’t like it change it. If you aren’t happy look for what will make you happy. Yes it means getting off our bums, out of our comfort zone and actually being in action but that is what transformation is about- ACTION. I got that loud and clear today. No more stories, no more excuses its just pursuing that which makes your heart sing. Only then will true happiness come into our lives.
So my mirrors I thank you. I was able to see my reflection in each of you and I am a better being for it. 154512_10150923856771030_83636976029_9805650_440571230_n

Organization, De-Clutter and the Flow of Life…..

“Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.” – Pearl S. Buck

A week before I was set to leave to my yearly Vision Quest in Arizona, I realized that I had really not been  working in my office. I found myself more and more just working from my laptop in my room and when I walked into my office that morning and really looked at it I realized why. It was a complete mess! Every time I tried to sit and organize it, I would become so overwhelmed I didn’t even know where to begin and then I would just leave it and go back to work in my room. I sat that morning and really looked at my space and then I looked at how my life had been going recently and the aha moment came of this is why you are feeling so stuck. I had been doing some really great work with myself and my self transformation. I had worked through some really deep stuff but no matter how much I excelled in my emotional/mind stuff, my work seemed like it was going no where and I realized I was creating this because of how I was being with my space and the utter dis-organization that I had going around me. I knew I needed to do something and fast. Fortunately Universe always blesses me and as it turned out my dear friend Zalima ends up moving into my house a few days before I was set to leave. Knowing that she is the queen at organizing and de-cluttering I asked if she could maybe help me with my disaster. She said we would take on my office the day after I would get back from my trip. So by asking for help I set into motion a change.
While in Arizona a big part of the teachings I received was about how we must organize our lives in all aspects so that order sets in and we can have flow and possibilities come to us. I just smiled. I guess I was on the right track! I arrived back home a week later and true to her word, Zalima and I took on my office the day after I got back. Two days later I had what looked like a completely new office. I could not believe it! The even more amazing thing is that all that we added where two console tables, some decorative boxes and a couple of plants. Everything else was already here. But it was incredible. The way the energy shifted in this space was unbelievable.
We then decided we would take on my bedroom. And the magic happened all over again. I still can’t believe it.
As my spaces became organized I realized that it got easier for me to organize myself, my day and my business. Things that had been stuck for a while moved! I began to take on creating my day the night before once again and my days have just flowed.
I realized this morning as I sat in my little library inside my bedroom that the beauty that we created in my space has carried over into my wanting to create Beauty in all I do. This is the Beauty way. I have always said that everything starts at home. And home is us. As I first was able to de-clutter my mind, I was able to see the chaos that I had created in my space. As I de-cluttered my space, I was able to see how unorganized I had allowed my life to become. As I brought order back I realized how easy it is to truly live in the peaceful flow of life.
Moral of the story- if you are stuck look around you and see what your space is like. If you have clutter get rid of it. Create Beauty so that life can flow once again.
May you live in Beauty and learn to Flow.
All good things to you always,
ELA’wa’diyi Sadayi’ / Evelyn Yllada


I sit here at my desk and I feel a nervous flutter in the pit of my stomach and I ask myself, “what is that about?” Ah, yes I fly out in 5 hours. Today I fly out to Arizona to go to my yearly Vision Quest. As a Ceremonial Sun Dancer we must do at least one vision quest before the Sun Dance each year and I usually choose to fly out to Arizona to do mine there. I have been looking forward with all my being to this week of silence and solitude. Most people that ask me about what happens during my quest time look at me incredulously when I explain to them that I am by myself confined to my little tent/area, no food by choice and possibly no water by choice for four days. Of course they all think I am crazy. But I honestly don’t have the words to explain the sheer joy that I feel when I am out there, conversing with Creator, battling my little mind demons at first and coming out the other side with an incredible experience, lesson and insight.

This year though, I feel an inner peace, a calmness I have never experienced before. I feel that my quest actually started 28 days ago when I sent in my registration. I have had a shift in me like no other before. I was telling my friend Zalima last night that I feel I am changing. It is unexplainable to me but lately everything brings tears of joys to my eyes. I don’t know if its that I am turning 40 this year but I feel this profound wisdom, peace, joy, beauty and most of all love. I feel that I AM one with God/Creator/Goddess etc. I don’t know exactly what the outcome will be out of this vision quest, but for once in my ever so controlling life and self I am joyous about not knowing and very excited. Today I dance the dance of life and creation!
All good things to you always.

ELA’wa’ diyi Sadayi’ / Evelyn Yllada


Another sleepless night of insomnia but tonight I am at peace with myself and everything in my life. Interestingly enough I have been up knitting and watching Undercover Boss on the OWN network. I had never watched this show before but all three episodes that I watched have brought tears to my eyes. If you have never watched it I highly recommend it. It consists of CEO of top corporations going undercover and going to work at the bottom of their companies. They have their eyes opened and realize quickly what works and what doesn’t work in their companies. I see how they become humbled by going back to their beginnings. In the process they come across outstanding employees in the business and at the end the CEO brings each one back to headquarters, reveals themselves and acknowledges each of these individual in a unique way. That is the part that really brought tears to my eyes. What I realized from watching this program was how important acknowledgement is. It impacted me how each person in all three different episodes that I watched pretty much said the same thing. They where touched and in disbelief that they where being acknowledged for their hard work. They said it was the first time someone had actually taken the time out to acknowledge them and it felt great.
I realized how true this was. How much acknowledging do we do of each other? How many times do we go out of our way to acknowledge someone for a job well done or for their service to us? We think that just by saying thank you is enough. Yet from watching this show I realized how going a step beyond and telling someone “you do an amazing job and I would like to acknowledge you for it” can completely transform someone.
So tonight I have decided that I will make a conscious effort to acknowledge everyone in my life. If by just acknowledging I can touch someone then that is something more I have given to another. Who will you acknowledge today?

All good things to all of you always.

ELA’wa’diyi Sadayi’ / Evelyn Yllada

The Question of Death…

Today once again I am faced with the duality of my being. I face the human me and the Nuwati. After receiving the news that my uncle Tavo is being sent home in hospice status immediately my eyes watered and my heart sank. The human part takes over and I am a fountain of emotions at the moment. But then Nuwati kicks in somewhere in the back of my head and gently reminds me that this is the cycle of life and in letting go there is true freedom. But the human only wants to cry and be sad because this being that is preparing to cross over is very special to me. And then regret starts to creep in. Regret for not spending more time with him, for letting stupid family arguments get in the way and allowing myself to stay away. This beloved is a being of light on earth. Human in his faults, but a warrior of light in his inner most being. He is one of the few in my family that ever truly understood who I am and saw me. Those few moments that we would have alone and where able to truly talk to one another where moments that made me not question myself and my path. Yet to see him suffering and understanding the pain breaks my heart. For all that I know and have studied I have never been able to understand this of this seemed reality. Why must we suffer? Why must the body be in pain and why should some of us end our stay here in this manner? What is the lesson behind that? Are we truly repaying karma back with this act of suffering? I wish I knew the answer to this so that I may calm my emotions. Now all I do is go into prayer and ask he be taken swiftly and his suffering ends soon. May peace be with all of us always.


ELA’wa’diyi Sadayi’ / Evelyn Yllada

Love and Living In the Moment

For days I have been in a sparring session with my little voice “Matilda” (how I lovingly refer to her) and the who I am or observer. Recently I have found myself contemplating love and partnership once more and it has been a real interesting experience. Someone who I thought was gone from my life has once again come back into it, although in what manner I do not know. And that is where Matilda is having a field day.
It is funny how we predetermine how some things should look like or how they should play out and I am learning very quickly that life isn’t always interested in your predetermined blue prints. I have caught myself many times this week wondering why I haven’t gotten a phone call, why I haven’t gotten a message – why, why, why? And then I see observer come in and gently remind Matilda that we know why and it is all ok. But then last night I get a message and I’m told that my predetermined blue print is definitely not happening and disappointment and hurt sets in. Then comes the gathering of proof and Matilda starts her wailing and goes on about how she knew it. Then the questioning starts. Maybe this isn’t the one, maybe it’s a waste of time, maybe, maybe, maybe. But then the wise observer comes in and points out to something very significant that was said in the message. Oh yes that’s right the part where he said that’s life sometimes, but let’s take the best out of the situation and not think too much about the future, just today. That is just perfect.
So today as I woke up I realized that the blueprint is not necessary, it is not even real. The only real thing is love, fully expressed and lived in the moment. And as we live the moment the future unfolds quietly on its own. I know it is not conventional and something that most people would not understand, but just letting go and being is the evolution of love itself and that is the kind of love that I welcome back into my life. In this month of love I hope you learn to love freely and unconditionally. All good things to you always.

ELA’wa’diyi Sadayi’ / Evelyn Yllada

Today is……

Today is the only today I will have for the rest of my life. It is so because I will only have this moment right now and it will never repeat itself again.
Today is my new beginning, the chance to create the one action that might change the course of my life forever. I will live it, I will honor it and I will embrace it with my whole spirit.
Today, now, this moment is the only thing that really matters because in a few minutes I might not be here anymore. That is how precious life is.
Live it! Don’t ask, but give. Don’t hold on but let go. Because in letting go you are choosing freedom to live each moment breath by breath.
Today is the only chance I will ever get to love myself for the who I am and not for the what everyone else wants to define me as. Love yourself, hug yourself, celebrate you! There will never be another one quite like you.
Today is the one day where I can open my eyes and see the beauty that Creator has made for me in the world that we have both created. Love it, nurture it, take care of it and create as much beauty to add to this amazing canvas called Earth.
Today is the only day I will have to dream so go ahead dream away, create, imagine. It is this how we can choose to let go of the restraints that hold us back and instead we can be free to dance this amazing dance called life!
Live it, dance it, create it in the beauty way.
Oh beloveds in this new beginning we are calling 2012 be free, be happy, be conscious, live in the NOW.